Political crisis in America

Photo Credits: Politico.in

Donald Trump proposed a plan for reconciliation and reopening of the government, which would temporarily stop the return of a million immigrants if Congress approves the construction of a border wall with Mexico. The president of the United States has proposed the plan to end the closure of parts of the government that has been shut down following the disapproval of budget for the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

Trump seems to have been the loser of the longest closure of the history of the federal government in the United States. After a month of wasting time, he made a compromise and presented his new proposal to the Democrats. But the suggestion, which was somehow a retreat in some of the other controversies between the Trump and the Democrats, and not the wall itself, was not pleasing to Democrats of Congress by Pelosi and Schumer, and rejected his proposals.

Yesterday, while part of the federal government entered the thirtieth day of their closure, according to economic estimates, the damage to the Trump government reached the unconfirmed budget by Congress.

CNBC News website wrote that if the federal government shutdown become more than 30 days and arrives on its 35th day, the financial loss resulting from the shutdown would be more than $ 6 billion, which is higher than the $ 5.7 billion, requested by Donald Trump, the president of the United States build the border wall.

American Validation Institute “Standard and Poor’s” estimated the financial loss due to the shutdown up to 1.2 billion US dollar. Earlier, the BBC reported losses of $ 1.5 billion per week.

Wells Fargo, a multinational financial and banking firm based in the United States, believes that the shutdown has led to a loss of up to 800,000 government employee to have no salary and have at least $ 2 billion a week of financial losses.

Now, for the Democrats who are after the Donald Trump’s chair in the White House’s oval room, not the multibillion-dollar wall construction, nor the material of the wall, nor even the fate of the 800,000 federal employees with no salary are not in the priority; but they are looking to bend the man who introduces himself as a “trademark prodigy.” To this end, the Democrats are a few steps ahead of Trump and the Republicans.

Firstly, the head of government, Donald Trump, is responsible for the closure of the federal government and chaos in the US administration. Secondly, Trump has eventually retreated under the heavy pressure of public opinion and fears of a sharp deterioration of the country’s economic and social conditions.

But this retreat does not suffice for the ruling party to declare a defeat in one of the rarest power struggles in the US political structure. Apparently, the Democrats led by stubborn women like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, do not intend to pay more than $ 1.7 billion to strengthen the border frontier – not the “wall” – to the White House.

Of course, for a country with an annual budget of around $ 3 trillion, $ 3 to $ 4 billion is nothing in terms of digit, which would result in the federal government closing. But this has become a platform for so-called “who is the boss in the United States”; the Trump’s White House or bilateral congress?

It does not seem, therefore, until the game between the two sides of the conflict reaches the zero sum point, sum of wining of one side become equal to the losses of the other side, the breathtaking and costly struggle ends; a struggle that will not only clears the fate of controversy wall and the 2020 election, but will show “Who is the boss in America?”


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