The end of the arbitrarily


The renewed collapse of Netanyahu’s cabinet showed that Israeli Prime Minister refuses to give up the arbitrarily. The waywardness led to an election due to the failure in the Gaza war and the inability to engage in a battle with Lebanese Hezbollah. Tel Aviv’s cabinet effort was engaging in a limited war with Hezbollah to force other parties to retreat of re-election.

But the consequences of a new war for Tel Aviv were unimaginable and uncontrollable with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Eventually, Tel Aviv was forced to order to hold elections and announce the defeat of Netanyahu’s cabinet.

Many believe that the failure will lead to start of the corruption case of Netanyahu and his wife, Sara Netanyahu, and is likely that when the election is resumed, Netanyahu will be invite to an interrogation and eventually the case will refer to the court, and will have to deal with Olmert’s fate until. Olmert was sentenced to 27 years in prison at the time of Beit-e Moghaddas’s mayor, receiving bribes and economic corruption.

Earlier, Moshe Katsav, the head of the fake Zionist regime, was sentenced to seven years in prison for rape and sexual assault. The systematic corruption and frequent arrest of Zionist regime leaders and even Netanyahu’s cabinet ministers is a serious challenge to the future parliament of this regime.

Netanyahu should now bring the coalition parties along with Washington’s attention to gain the prime minister position again. Meanwhile, Netanyahu has a difficult way of re-appointing as the prime minister due to monopolies and opposition to other Zionist parties, including the body of the Likud Party. Netanyahu faces another problem.

He is prime minister and in charge of the Zionist Ministry of Defense, and at the same time he did not gain any achievement with the start of Shield of the North Operation. On the other hand, he is under the pressure of suicide missions and intifada operations in the occupied territories, and on the other hand, he has to carry out military operations to resolve the Hamas and jihad case. A subject that has been criticized by members of parliament and Zionist settlers.

Of course, this dissolution has a benefit to Netanyahu and its supporters. He wants to have a more supportive cabinet during the “Century Deal “, and it is likely that he try the position with this slogan. In fact, Netanyahu wants to put the cabinet down by putting off his opponents in the cabinet. But it is unlikely to be able to win such a victory.

The Likud party is under pressure by Netanyahu’s behavior, especially the financial and unemployment problems. On the other hand, Netanyahu’s policies towards Europe have ruined Tel Aviv’s relations with other European countries, making the issue of immigrants a serious challenge to the national security of this regime. The way forward for Netanyahu to run the prime minister’s seat is hard and very difficult.

The way in which, on the one hand, he must satisfy the settlers for the Gaza Strip incident and the defeat of the Iron Dome Shield and, on the one hand, find a solution in defeating in the Syrian case and returning the Persian Gulf states. Netanyahu knows the meaning of the return of these governments to the Damascus which is still with Iran.

Tel Aviv has now faced Syria, which has a greater determination against the Zionist regime, and the formation of a political process means liberating energy for regaining the occupied Golan. In fact, everything was costly for a hard-mouthed, and the Zionists were stuck in a political and security pit.


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