Turkey to provide Israel with medical supplies on condition of issuing medical aid to Palestinian Authority

The US Bloomberg TV channel revealed that the Turkish government agreed to provide Israel with medical supplies to help it counter the spread of the coronavirus.

The channel quoted well-informed sources stating that the Turkish government agreed to sell medical supplies, including face masks and sterile gloves for “humanitarian reasons”, and it is expected that Israel will allow a similar shipment of Turkish aid to reach the Palestinian Authority without imposing any obstacles, as stated by a senior Turkish official, according to Russia Today (RT).

The official, who asked not to be named, announced that it is expected that three aircraft coming from Israel will land at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey to transport the cargo next Thursday.

The official pointed out that Turkey will donate medical aid to the Palestinians within the next few days.

The Israeli newspaper Maariv revealed on Friday morning that in return, Turkey stipulated that Israel agree to transport and dispatch medical supplies to the Palestinian Authority’s areas.

According to the Israeli newspaper, these medical supplies include face masks, protective clothing and sterile gloves in order to contribute to countering the coronavirus.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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