Ten Year Young Athlete Anam Khan – India’s Olympic Prospect!

Ten Year Young Athlete Anam Khan – India’s Olympic Prospect!
10-year young athlete Anam Khan from Bhopal, emerged winner in a 6 kilometre race beating even policemen and army men

By Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ in which he applauded the notable contribtion of the ‘daughters of India’ – P. V Sindhu, Sakhshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar must have enthused the audience. The long-term plan to prepare our sportsmen and women is a step in the right direction.
Giving wings to the Olympic plans of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a 10-year young athlete Anam Khan from Bhopal, who emerged winner in a 6 kilometre race beating even policemen and army men!

Anam Khan was initially not allowed to participate in the race, citing her young age. But her insistence to run and the chance she got left the spectators stupefied! Though she fell down three to four times, Anam got up not only to complete the race but win it too! There is a Japanese saying – Fall down 29 times but get up 30 times!
This promising daughter of India, Anam Khan literally lives by the Japanese saying, which means never give up in life!
Anam Khan won the 6 km race organized on the occasion of our Independence Day. Presently, she is being groomed by the Christian Sports Club Coach Sudhir Prasad.

The Coach waxes eloquent about the immense talent and determination of Anam Khan. The ‘little miracle’ from Bhopal has set her sights on the Olympics already! Her daily routine
is an 8 km practice. She is on a normal diet. At school she is either first or second in class.

Studies and athletics go together for her. She is aiming to run a 25 km race soon! What is pertinent is that the Sports Authority of India should take her under its wings and groom her talent. This will realize the dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get more glory for our country through our daughters.

Anam Khan is clear about her dreams – Mere Ma Baap aur Desh ka Naam Roshan karungi Olympics mein gold medal jeetungi! Who needs a son, if there are daughters like Anam Khan? Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) sends his greetings to the houses where ‘daughters are born!’ Let us hope Anam Khan attracts the attention of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for getting more glory and more gold medals for our beloved country in future Olympics.
Girls should not be treated like the lesser mortals.

They should be fed simultaneously along with sons and not after the sons have eaten. If the girls are empowered, there will be no gender discrimination. India can set an example in women’s empowerment. Our noble country will lead the United Nations’ plan of 50 -50 to give equal opportunities to women in the near future hopefully.